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Interactive Wireless / RF Design Utilities

  1. Wireless Network Link Analysis
  2. Wireless Network Link Analysis - Super Edition
  3. Microwave Radio Path Analysis
  4. Line-of-Sight Path Analysis
  5. Longley-Rice Path Loss Analysis
  6. Fresnel Zone Calculator 
  7. United States Elevation Retriever
  8. 3D Local Ground Elevation Map
  9. Parabolic Reflector Gain and Focal Point Calculator
  10. Urban Area Path Loss
  11. Antenna Up/Down Tilt Calculator
  12. Distance & Bearing Calculator
  13. Omnidirectional Antenna Beamwidth Analysis
  14. Return Loss Calculator
  15. Knife Edge Diffraction Loss Calculator
  16. Decibel Conversion Calculator
  17. Scattering Parameters Are Fun!
  18. Lumped Component Wilkinson Splitter / Combiner Designer
  19. Pi & Tee Network Resistive Attenuation Calculator
  20. United States Frequency Allocations 30 - 3000 MHz
  21. Voltage To Power Conversion Calculator
  22. RF Safety Compliance Calculator
  23. Approximate Air Coil Inductance Calculator
  24. Microstripline Analysis & Design
  25. Calculating Phase Line Length
  26. 3-Pole Butterworth Characteristic Bandpass Filter Calculator
  27. RF Pi Network Designer
  28. PLL 3rd Order Passive Loop Filter Calculator
  29. Antenna Isolation Calculator
  30. Mixer IMD Calculator

GBPPR Microwave Radio Path Analysis Tools

A Perl CGI program to graphically show the radio path profile between two points.  It will plot the 0.6 Fresnel zone and the true radio path for a given value of K (the effective Earth radius factor).  This is all displayed in reference to the path's elevation data taken at intervals along the link path.  This will let you see if you have a clear radio line-of-sight path.  Currently, the elevation data is only available for most of North America.  It is also extremely CPU intensive, so please be patient for the output PDF file to complete, or try again at a different time.

All the plotting utilities are based around a slightly modified version of the SPLAT! program by KD2BD.

GBPPR Microwave Radio Path Analysis Tools  Source code for the above scripts.  (758k Gzipped TAR)

Green Bay Professional Packet Radio  Main website.